TelForce Group Public Safety Program

TelForce supports Public Safety projects with Human Capital on a National basis

Effective Communications

Public Service entities need reliable but cost effective communications. The Department of Public Works, Emergency responders, Roads and Bridges, Municipal and County Utilities, Schools, Health Clinics, Animal Control, Weights and Measures, Conservation and Forestry, Fish & Wildlife, Tax Collection, and other local and state government services all require the ability to efficiently communicate. TelForce offers a wide range of wireless solutions to meet public service agencies’ unique needs. TelForce is a Certified MBE Company who can help you meet your MBE objectives for local, state and federal and public service projects.

Dependable Communications Solutions for Fire and EMS

Fire and EMS professionals depend on communications systems that will reliably operate in loud noise environments. Whether on the scene of a wildland fire, structural firefighting inside suburban or urban buildings, or doing difficult vehicle extrication at the scene of a highway accident, fire and EMS need reliable radio coverage. The citizens they protect expect nothing less, and the families of fire fighters and EMS personnel need the assurance that their brave loved ones have the best tools available. TelForce works with Fire and EMS professionals on National basis.

Dependable Applications for Law Enforcement

From routine calls to emergency response, Law Enforcement officers rely on their communications systems every day. They need their equipment to be rugged and reliable. They need coverage throughout their jurisdictions whether rural, suburban or urban. And they need the functionality in their communication systems to help them protect the lives of those they serve in their communities. TelForce works with Law Enforcement professionals on National basis.

DoD Public Safety Technology and Systems

TelForce Group works with DOD contractors and supplier for Department of Defense Public Safety operations and the Base Radio Systems (BRS) managed by Communications and Electronics Command. BRS allows any U.S. Federal agency to procure land mobile radio (LMR) systems, equipment and services that comply with the DoD Guidance and NTIA narrow-banding. TelForce can support these projects with Human Capital on a National basis.

Operations and Security

TelForce Human capital solutions allow transportation centers to wirelessly transmit and receive data, wirelessly stream video of critical infrastructure such as ports, airports, and transit and highway systems and wirelessly collect data from remote weather information systems and tracked passenger vehicles. TelForce can support these projects with Human Capital on a National basis.

Shared Resources and Enterprise Networks

Existing state and county-wide networks provide flexible, cost-effective platforms for expanding the network to include wireless broadband applications for transportation. For example, dynamic messaging for highways can be directly linked to transportation centers when Amber Alerts, weather alerts and other important messages need to reach the traveling public quickly. TelForce can support these projects with Human Capital on a National basis.

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