Critical Facilities & DC Power Staffing Solutions

Our DC power technicians prepare hardware and equipment to be installed for battery racks, power plants, cable tray or racking systems. They perform simple test procedures, such as voltage and resistance tests, as well as performing minor troubleshooting of equipment such as rectifiers, disconnects, power plants and battery plants. Our DC Power Technicians can also repair minor problems found during the troubleshooting process.

TelForce Delivers.

Our technicians have experience with the following: Rack-Stack, Cable Sizing, Generator Maintenance, Audits, Installation & Load Testing, Central Office EF&I – DC Power Data Centers, Cable Companies, Utilities, Government/Education-Universities to Public Safety & Hospitality

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  • Critical Infrastructure Managers and Critical Infrastructure Technicians
  • Project Managers
  • Project Supervisors
  • Power Engineers
  • Estimators
  • CAD Drafters
  • Battery Installers
  • Installation Managers
  • DC Sales Managers
  • Level I, II, III and IV
  • General Technicians
  • UPS Systems
  • Central Office
  • Head End
  • MSO
  • Data Center
  • Solar Technicians

“Our company partnered with TelForce to provide DC Power Technicians nationwide. TelForce has provided us with over 100 skilled DC Power Technicians, mostly Levels III and IV. I have partnered with Ron for staffing solutions for the past 15 years.”

David G. — DC Power & Critical Facilities Services Company

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